11 mai 2016

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Summer is an exciting time for students, especially for those who graduated. You are entering a new stage in your life, and for many of you, it means attending college. If you are going to a university outside or nearby, there is a world of opportunities waiting. I know this may also be a period of nervousness with the worry about what is to come in college. As a single mother who managed to go to UCLA and at the same time had to juggle multiple responsibilities, including work, here are some tips to help you on your journey. I listen too often to young people in college who say they don’t feel like they belong there. It seems that other students are more prepared or do not know exactly what they are doing. Me, I felt that way when I got to campus for my first summer session. I didn’t take enough rigorous classes and fell behind with my classmates. But be confident that it is ready. You are where you are meant to be. Everything can be learned. You bring a wealth of experiences and ideas to your classes. The more classes you take and the more papers you write, the easier it will be for you to get better. Don’t let the moments of frustration affect you, let them pass and get to work. I am a great believer in the power that help has. I joined the support organization for low-income, first-generation students. I was tutored through that program, and I had a tutor for almost every class in my first year. Even when I knew I was doing well in my class, I still went to private lessons to reinforce my academic skills. Tutoring was especially helpful with my writing. I needed to practice writing college articles and my tutors were amazing. If you don’t have tutoring at your school, ask your friends or teachers for additional help and get a Full Report about it. I have two children and I know how difficult it is for young people to seek support, but I implore you to do so because it will be a big difference. Over time, I became a tutor at the same academic support center. Don’t forget about your university and the center of your career, either. I also received many leads through job offers at the school.


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